Five Yemeni women injured by Houthi-laid landmine in al-Dhale

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September Net

Five women from the same family were seriously injured on Monday in an explosion of a landmine planted by the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia in Qataba district of al-Dhale province, in southern Yemen.

Local sources told September Net that the landmine laid by the Houthi militia on a public road, pointing out that the five women sustained life-threatening wounds.

They were taken to hospital for treatment and now three of are in critical conditions, the sources added.

The sources identified names and age of the injured as the following:

1- Sanaa Homran, 17 years old

2- Eyman alaith, 22 years old

3- Intidhar Abdullah, 25 years old

4- Najat Alhdrami, 35 years old

5- Janah Alhadrami, 40 years old


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