Houthi militia burns 160 tons of wheat in Taiz

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September Net

Ministry of Local Administration has condemned Houthi militia burning 160 tons of wheat in Taiz governorate provided by the World Food Program (WFP), describing it as an additional grave violation in the militia’s notorious record of violations against the relief and humanitarian actions.

In a statement the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) learned Minister of Local Administration Abduraqeeb Fatah said the militia has not been satisfied with the besiege it has imposed upon Taiz governorate for more 4 years, an offense amounts to war-crime, but also it goes on beyond the relief and humanitarian aids allocated to the city’s population.

Fatah called on the UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen Lise Grand to report about Houthi militia’s criminal acts against the humanitarian efforts to the International Security Council and International Community to pressure the militia to stop its violations.

The Minister also called on the WFP to report about the Houthi militia’s crimes.


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