Arab Coalition destroys two Houthi explosive boats in the Red Sea

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September Net

The Arab Coalition said on Thursday it had destroyed two explosive, remotely controlled boats that the Houthi militia prepared to carry out terror attacks in the Red Sea.

The Coalition spokesman Col. Turki al-Maliki said in a statement published by the Saudi Press Agency that the boats “posed an imminent threat to international shipping.”

“The command of the (Coalition’s) Combined Forces conducted on Thursday dawn a quality operation and destroyed two military objects belonging to the Iran-backed Houthi terror militia six kilometers off Al-Salif seaport,” read the statement. “The objects which the statement defined as boat “posed an imminent threat to maritime shipping lanes, international trade and the regional and global security.”

“They were prepared for imminent terror operations in Bab Al Mandeb Straits, south of the Red Sea,” it elaborated.


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