Ibb: Houthi militia commits uncountable crimes against civilians

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September Net

Since Houthis controlled the central province of Ibb five years ago, the militia has been committing serious human rights crimes against the civilians there in a daily basis.

Such Houthi crimes include killing, injuring, kidnapping, looting salaries, storm houses, promoting oil and cooking gas crisis and the list goes on.

Last month, the militia appointed head of Hygiene Fun ordered suspending salaries of retired and those who were critically injured while on duty although the amount of money is just 20 thousand YR while the militia supervisors get huge amount.

Houthi militants kidnapped one trader refused to pay illegal taxes and keep him as hostage demanding a ransom for his release. The militia is blackmailing the relatives of detainees and demanding money from them.

The militia continued its abuses again the private institutions. They broke into Namaa Foundation, kidnapped four staff and placed them at their prisons inside the political intelligence in the city. The militia also stormed a religious place and looted two 10-passengers vehicles.

Abuses against the detainees never stopped in the Houthi run prisons. Central prison in the city last week witnessed several protest against the militia mistreatment and deprivation of basic human rights principles such including family visits and communication with relatives.

Promoting crisis is one of the militia means to get rich through flourishing black markets run by their supervisors, depriving civilians from accessing general services. The price of one gas cylinder reached 10 thousands YR in the black markets as the Houthi claims it is not available. Also several bakeries shut down due the scarcity of diesel substance.

The city of Ibb has been experiencing serious security disorder. A member of the Houthi militia killed a citizen in front of his wife and children after the victim refused to abandoned his piece of land.

Another civilian was killed and others injured in an explosion of a gas cylinder that was stored near school in the city. This was only one day following the huge fire in a black market oil station.

Crimes of the Houthi militia against the citizens of Ibb city is increasing and the militants practice heinous violations amdi unprecedented chaos across the city.


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