340 civilians killed, 578 injured by Houthi random shelling of Marib, HRO

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September Net


Some 340 civilians have been killed, 578 others injured since the Houthi militia attack escalated on Marib city, human rights organizations working in Marib province, said.


Between April 2015 and July 2020, the total number of Houthi attacks on Marib city exceeded 1,000, said a report by rights groups in Marib.


Houthi militia attacks using ballistic missiles, Katyusha and thermal rockets, projectiles, and drones left 1,363 civilians dead.


The report mentioned that the Houthi militia attacks in Marib city killed 340 civilians, injured 578 others, as well as the destruction of 347 and 98 private /public property.


The report confirms that during the past five years, the Houthi militia has fired 288 ballistic missiles, of which 224 of them were intercepted by the Arab Coalition Patriot air defense system and 64 of them landed on populated areas.


According to the statistics of these organizations, the Houthi militia’s ballistic missile attacks killed 132 civilians and injured 127 others, including 11 women and 12 children.


During the same period, the Houthi militia carried out katyusha rocket attacks on the city, with 495 attacks, including 232 rockets that landed on populated areas.


Moreover, the report said, Katyusha rockets fired by the Houthi militia in the city of Marib killed 147 civilians and injured 340 others, including 45 women and 82 children.


At least 86 of the 103 artillery shells fired by the Houthi militia in populated areas killed 45 civilians and injured 93 others, including 11 women and 24 children.


The report indicated that eight civilians, including four women and two children, were killed by mortar shelling of Houthi militia, which they used to target civilian areas during the same period.


The report’s statistics show that 370 residential and commercial facilities were subjected to total and partial damage, as well as 260 educational and health facilities, mosques and archaeological monuments for missile strikes, including 24 educational facilities, 20 health facilities, 28 mosques, and 5 archaeological monuments.


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