Nearly 1,000 Houthi militants including 215 leaders killed during past September


September Net


The heroes of the armed forces, backed by popular resistance and tribesmen, continue to harvest the lives of hundreds of Iranian-backed Houthi militiamen, as statistics show huge militia’s human losses in September for elements and field leaders.


From various battle fronts in the outskirts of Marib and Al-Jawf through Al-Bayda, Nihnm, east of the capital Sana’a, to the fighting on the fronts of Al-Dhale governorate, Houthi militia elements have received heavy casualties over the past month.


Statistics indicate that the rebel militia inflicted more than 1,000 deaths, including dozens of field commanders, buried in the same period about elements, including (215) of its field commanders impersonated large military ranks, who were killed.


During September, 13 Yemeni provinces under the control of the militia seen dozens of funerals carried out by the Houthis for their members who were killed in clashes with the heroes of the armed forces and the popular resistance, as well as as a result of strikes by coalition fighters supporting legitimacy in Yemen.


Full tally


Sana’a received the largest number of casualties of the Houthi militia, and conducted funeral for at least 285 members of the Houthi militia, including 119 senior leaders.


Second came Sadaa governorate with 80 dead, including 18 leaders, and third the province of Dhamar with 69 dead, including 11 leaders, then Hajjah province with 70 dead, including 21 leaders, and Amran province with 54 dead, including 15 leaders.


Ibb followed and received 48 dead, including 4 leaders, and Al-Mahweit with 42 dead, including 14 leaders of different military ranks, and al-Bayda governorate with 33 dead, including 4 leaders.


The province of Hodeidah received 22 dead, Taiz 14 dead and in the 11 place came provinces of Rimah with 6 dead, and Al-Dhale with 25 dead, and finally Al-Jawf province with more than 50 dead, including 9 field commanders from the militia.


Harvest of  leaders


The fighting between the heroes of the armed forces and the popular resistance on one hand and the Houthi rebel militia on the other has resulted in at least 215 Houthi leaders taking military ranks.


The statistics confirm that of the dead leaders among Houthi militia (3) leaders who impersonate a major, including at least 20 brigadiers general, 28 colonels, at least 32  lieutenants and (27) others as majors, while the rest are captains, lieutenants.



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