Ministry of Human Rights condemns Houthis’ crimes against civilians

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September Net

Ministry of Human Rights has condemned the continuation of gruesome crimes and violations by Iran-allied Houthi militia against the civilians in the two governorates of Taiz and al-Dhale where dozens of civilians including children have been killed, injured recently.

The Ministry’s statement reads ” The putschist Houthi militia has continued to violate the International Humanitarian Law and International Law of Human Rights on the daily basis as a result of silence by the International Community (IC) that has failed to bear its legal and moral responsibility about protecting the civilians”.

The Ministry stated that it documented a list of Houthi militia’s crimes against civilians among of them dozens of children in the two governorates of Taiz and al-Dhale.

The statement reported that the teenage Amro Ya’qoup Ali Mohammed (13) year-old was killed by Houthi sniper last Wednesday while he was playing with his peers. A 12-year girl called Basmah Razaz Ghalib Farhan dead five days later after she had critically injured by Houthi militia indiscriminately shelling residential areas in the city of Taiz.


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