One citizen killed, 3 wounded by Houthi-laid blast in Hodeidah

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September Net

A Houthi mine explosion killed one citizen and wounded three others in Qtaba district south of the western province of Hodeida.

Local source told “September Net” that a citizen was killed and three others sustained critical injuries, including amputation, after the car they were in hit a landmine planted by the Houthi militia on a main road during the period of the Iran-backed rebels’ control over the district.

The sources added that the four victims of the explosion were going back home after finishing work at their farmlands, pointing out that one of the 3 injured had his leg amputated, the second lost his hand and the third suffered various body wounds by the shrapnel.

According to the sources, the casualties names are Abdullah Mohammed Ali Hussein, dead, and the three injured Abdulaziz Mohammed Ali Hussein Bajel, Ahmed Ali Bajel and Ahmed Mohammed Tamah.


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