Al-Alimi: All National Forces responsible on failing Houthi, terrorists’ agendas

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The Director of President’s Office Abdullah al-Alimi has confirmed significance of national integration and standing side by side for facing criminal and terrorist attacks carried out by Houthi rebel militia and terrorist elements who try to destabilize public security serving foreign agendas.

In a statement to Saba, al-Alimi called on all segments of the Yemeni society to take a firm stand against conspiracies and plotting against the homeland by groups that sold themselves to devil and the enemy in order to ignite sedition and general tranquility and turn Yemen into a permanent conflict zone.

He pointed out that these groups are not interested in the interest of the homeland and the citizen as much as they are interested in achieving the wishes and aspirations of regional forces moved by how and when to destroy the homeland and destabilize the security and stability of the region, which has become clear to the whole world.

Al-Alimi stressed that the failure of the plans of the Houthi group and other terrorist groups is the responsibility of all the national forces, which are demanding more than ever before to mobilize all energies in a comprehensive confrontation with the evil forces of the Houthi group and other terrorist groups and not to pay attention to side battles.

He pointed out that targeting the transitional Capital of Aden by Houthi militia simultaneously with attacks by terrorist groups show that these acts are systematic and that the battle of Yemeni people is with those militias and terrorist groups as the sole and real foe.

He concluded statement by prayer to the killed and hoped quick recovery to the injured people.




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