CSOs condemn international silence towards Houthi crimes against civilians

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September Net

Up to 147 Civil Society Organizations issued Friday a release condemning international silence towards crimes of Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia’ against civilians.

“We, the CSOs who are the signatory bellow, denounce Houthi militia for committing a number of terrible crimes against civilians,” said the CSOs’ release.

Houthi militia committed early this week two massacres in Taiz City killing seven children and an adult, added the release.
Five other children from one family have been also injured  on Saturday 27,July 2019 by a Houthi shell targeted al-Humaira Neighborhood at Sala District.

Houthi militia also fired a mortar shell on Sunday 28 of July targeting al-Rawdah Neighborhood and killed two children and injured three others.

On Monday 29 of July, 2019, Houthi militia bombarded a market in Qutaber District, Sa’ada killing 14 civilians and injured 25 others most of them children.

On the same day, Houthi militia killed five civilians at Hobeish crossroad at al-Makhader District, Ibb province and shelled houses of civilians in al-Tohaita District, Hodeida Province seriously injured two children, Zakaria Jaber, 6 and Hiyam Badr, 12.

The CSO’s also denounced the terrorist attack hit Sheikh Othman Police Station leaving 18 victims, six of them civilians and two women and two children and denounced Houthi militia bombardment of al-Jala Camp on the first of August 2019 at al-Buraiqa District, Aden Province killing 18 people and injuring 28 others.

The organizations repeated their denouncement to Houthi crimes and repeated their condemnation to unjustified silences of international organizations and the UN and its envoy to Yemen towards Houthi crimes repeated everywhere.


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