Houthi militia continues violating ceasefire deal, sends more reinforcements to Hodiedah  


September Net

Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia continues disturbing the UN efforts for implementing the ceasefire deal in Hodiedah province.

The Houthi militia pushed more combat reinforcements towards Hais district southern Hodiedah.

The Houthi militia launched heavy artillery shilling on positions of the Yemeni national army and civilians’ houses in different areas of Hais district.

In Hodeidah city, the Houthi militia shelled with various heavy weapons army’s positions in the east of al-Saleh city and other surrounded positions.

In the context, the Houthi militia carried out sniper shootings against soldiers of the national army in the said areas.

Moreover, the Houthi rebel militia continues to send more combat vehicles and soldiers to city of Hodiedah.


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