Foreign Minister Discusses with Abu Gheit the Position of the Government and its Support for Ould Sheikh’s Proposals

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Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Abdulmalik Al-Makhlafi
received a telephone call from Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed
Aboul Gheit.

During the call, they discussed the situation in the Arab region and
the inter-Arab relations, ways of strengthening and developing them,
in addition to the challenges facing the Arab nation in the current
period of its history, as well as the situation on the national scene
and efforts of the Yemeni government to achieve peace and end the

The Yemeni government announced its support for the proposals of the
UN Secretary-General’s envoy to Yemen Ismael Ould Cheikh Ahmed to hand
over the port of Hodeidah. Yemeni government also declared its support
to whatever related to the mechanism of collection of resources and
the disbursement of salaries of state employees. It expressed its full
readiness to discuss the details of these proposals in the light of
consultations sponsored by the United Nations last year in Kuwait,
approved by the Yemeni government.
During the call, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign
Affairs thanked the Arab League for standing with all its institutions
alongside the Yemeni government and people.
“The government is keen to end the war and restore security and peace.
We are working to achieve all these and in cooperation with all the
Arab and international parties in accordance with the three agreed
directives which represent the essence of the political solution in
They are the only means to avoid further loss of life and bloodshed.
The outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and the relevant
international resolutions, including Resolution No. 2216, which the
coup elements refuse to, abide by shading and shirking all agreements
and initiatives that can lead us to peace” the Minister said.

“The humanitarian situation has become worse, especially in the areas
that are still under control the coup, which has exacerbated the
suffering of the people in these areas,” he said.
He stressed the keenness of the legitimate government and the
international community to deliver humanitarian aid despite the
intransigence of the coup forces.

Al-Makhlafi pointed out that the coup militia is obstructing the
humanitarian relief efforts. It has even come to confiscate regional
and international aid to finance their futile war against the Yemeni
people, which has led to an increase in poverty and the spread of
diseases and epidemics.

The Foreign Minister said that the government is working under the
directives of President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi to intensify humanitarian
relief efforts and alleviate the suffering of Yemenis.
Yemeni government is working to mobilize energies to cope with the
cholera epidemic as the indicators of the spread have become serious,
require the world to stand with Yemen and increase the support
allocated to face the humanitarian disaster facing the Republic of

The Foreign Minister reiterated the support of the Yemeni government
for the efforts exerted by the UN Secretary-General’s envoy to Yemen,
where the government supported his proposals as a step forward to help
alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Arab League appreciated the
Yemeni government’s positive stance towards the peace calls called by
the United Nations and the UN Secretary-General’s envoy to Yemen.
He expressed that the Arab League’s support for the efforts of the UN
envoy to reach a political settlement based on the three references,
which would contribute to the provision of assistance to the Yemeni
people and realize the aspirations and interests them, in security,
peace and stability.

Aboul Gheit also stressed the continued support of the Arab League for
the Republic of Yemen and the unity of the Arab position towards Yemen
and its stability, security, unity and territorial integrity,
rejection of Iranian regional expansionist interventions and
activities aimed at destabilizing the Arab countries.

The Secretary-General of the Arab League also congratulated the
Minister of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of the holy month of
Ramadan, asking Allah to return it to the Arab and Islamic nation with
good, Yemen and blessings.


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