NA frees Al-Barh district, continues advancing toward Taiz

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The National Army forces with Air support from Arab coalition forces ,On Tuesday, stormed Albarh city, achieving a great strides on the ground against Iran-backed Houthi coup militia western of Taiz province.

A commander in “al-Amalqa(Giants) brigade” Ahmed Ali Al-Subaihi said to September Net that the army troops succeeded in liberating Al-Barh City after heavy battles with Houthi rebels, pointing out the engineering teams removed all the landmines and IEDs which planted by the Houthi militias.

“The Army forces launched a surprise attack on the positions of the coupists, noting that the army is moving toward Taiz city to break the siege imposed by the Houthi militias.”, sources added.

Al-Subaihi also confirmed that the army troops captured a large quantity of weapons and ammunition in addition to killing and wounding dozens of the Houthi rebels during the battles.



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