Moral Guidance’s team visits coalition’s Joint Forces command in 6th region

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A team from the Armed Forces’ Moral Guidance Department conducted a field visit Tuesday to headquarters of the Arab coalition’s Joint Forces Command ( JFC )in the Six Military Region.

During his meeting with the JFC’s  commander of  Bri. Gen. Abdullah al-Anzi and several coalition’s commanders, Colonel Ahmed Al-Ashwal, the team’s head, stressed that the ( Saudi-led Arab coalition )  Decisive Storm has been an exceptional and unprecedented decision in the Arabic modern history.

Al-Ashwal added that” This decision represents the bravery, wisdom and the Arabism of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leadership led by King Salman and his Crown Princess Mohammed Bin Salman.”

For his part, the commander of  Joint Forces confirmed that coordination between National Army and coalition’s forces in Sa’ada Axis has been practically reflected on the ground through the significant victories have achieved by the national army on several warfronts.

He explained that the war launched by the Houthi coup’s militia on the Yemenis has revealed the size of conspiracy led by the Iranian regime  against Yemen and others nations in the region.


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