President stresses activating, improving income-generate institutions

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September Net

President Abd-Rabbo Mansour Hadi has stressed activating and improving income institutions for boosting resources and improving national economy.

Receiving Prime Minister Mo’een Abdulmalik and Minister of Oil and Minerals Aws al-Awod on Sunday, President Hadi pointed out to significance of activating and operating different oil sectors for promoting productivity for meeting needs of Yemeni people and boosting their security and stability.

He stressed significance of finalizing the program of urgent projects in the framework of regaining production in stopped sectors and boosting infrastructure of other sectors, urging making a timetable to the ministry for achieving these projects.

Prime Minister and Minister of Oil reviewed exerted efforts on accomplishments, which will have positive results for increasing revenues.

They pointed out to process of regaining resumption of oil production from Shabwa and continuing efforts for building oil pipeline for exporting oil from Nushaima Port and working on resuming producing and exporting gas.

The meeting dealt with a number of promoting projects to meet aspirations of all.


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