Vengeful of its liberation, Houthis punish Al-Jawf with terror attacks

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September Net

Three years after its liberation, Al-Jawf province in Yemen’s north is facing vengeful terror attacks against its civilian population by the defeated Houthis.

The predominant modus operandi is landmines and bombs meant to kill as many civilians as possible and intimidate the survivors into despair and submission.

A report by a local NGO, Al-Jawf organization for Rights and Freedoms, has said that in the year 2018 more than 40 civilians were killed in market bombs and 300 people were killed and injured by landmines. Many of the casualties are children and women.

Locals say the militia’s terrorist cells plant these bombs and landmines intentionally indiscriminately especially in civilians gathering places.

The local Security Force arrested a cell of seven terrorists in the province in January 2018. The cell, headed by a female militant identified by her initials as SHM was in charge of devising explosives, camouflaging them and planting them in the markets. By the time it was busted, the cell had been responsible for planting 10 bombs and 10 bombings. One of these bombings rocked a restaurant in the provincial capital last Ramadan killing and injuring its customers in dozens.

The cell members confessed to have planted previous bombs before business stores and on army patrol vehicles.




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