Yemen Parliamentary blocs condemn Houthi terrorist crimes against Hajoor civilians

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The parties with representation in the Yemeni parliament have issued a joint condemnation of the crimes committed by Houthi coup militias against civilians in Hajoor region in the northern Yemen province of Hajjah.

In a statement of which Saba News Agency  got a copy, the parties said they are “following up with concern the crimes that the terrorist Houthi militias are committing against the innocent people, including women and children, in Hajoor.

The statement said the militias “are attacking villages and population centers with tanks, artillery and other mass killing weapons.

They emphasized the right of the tribesmen to defend themselves and called on the government and the Arab Coalition to help remove the siege the terrorists Houthi rebels have imposed on the region.

They also called on the UN’s envoy Martin Griffiths to condemn the Houthi acts and to pressure the militia to stop this aggression against those tribesmen.

The parties that issued the statement include the General People’s Congress, the Yemen Congregation for Reform (Islah), the Yemen Socialist Party, the Nasserite Unionist, the Justice and Construction, the National Solidarity, the Freemen and the non-partisan MPs.


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