National Army recaptures district of al-Hasha from Houthi militia


September Net

Yemeni army has fully taken the district of al-Hash’a in the southern province of al-Dhale on Sunday.

At least 20 Houthi militants were killed and 15 more injured during the liberation battle.

The victory came as the army troops along with popular resistance managed today to drive out the remaining militia from their positions in al-Tahoon market, Yarakh Castle, Al-Matawesa and Hosheb areas, south of the province.

The fighting also destroyed combat vehicles for the militia including two military patrols and armored vehicle.

Yemeni army are now pushing forward liberate areas followed Ibb province, amid collapses and setbacks in the militia’s ranks.

Meanwhile, the Houthi rebels continue its heavy bombardment against the civilians and residential neighborhoods, causing civilian casualties and extensive damages on people’s property.


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