14 Houthi rebels killed, others wounded in Hajoor’s Hajjah


September Net

At least 14 Houthi coup militants were killed on Monday in Hajjah province.

Military source said to September Net the resistance fighters of Hajoor tribes thwarted new attack launched by Houthi rebels on the hilltop of ” Bani Shahr”in the north of Kashr district.

14 Houthi rebels were killed and more injured and also two of their military patrols were destroyed and large quantity of weapons and ammunitions were seized by resistance fighters.

In the recent days, the Houthi militias have cut off all communications networks and internet on the districts of Kashr, Aflah al-Sham, Kahlan al-Sharf , Qarah and Wushha in an attempt to isolate these districts from the world and to conceal the violations and crimes committed against civilians by deliberate shelling.


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