RASD Coalition condemns Houthi militias for referring journalists to Criminal Court

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September Net

The Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations (RASD) has condemned the Houthi militia’s referral of ten Yemeni journalists to the Criminal Court in the capital Sanaa.

In a statement issued Saturday the RASD Coalition called on the “international organizations concerned with expression freedom especially the UNESCO and the UNHRC to condemn the practices of the criminal Houthi militias and pressure them to release the journalists immediately.”

“For over three years, the militias continue detaining the ten journalists under made-up charges, subjecting them to torture and degradation since their detention in June 2015”, the statement said.

The statement denounced also the continuous series of Houthi sweeping of civilian oppositionists and activists into jails including a female activist who criticized the Houthis for stealing humanitarian relief aid.


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