Houthi rebels continue to violate the UN truce hours before withdrawal from Hodeidah ports

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September Net – Hodeidah

Houthi coup militias continued shelling residential areas and houses in the district of al-Tohaita in the western province of Hodeidah.

The militias’ shelling killed and wounding a number of civilians and forced tens families to displace from their houses in al-Gabaliah area.

The neighborhoods of Hais district in Hodeidah were also shelled on Saturday night  by Houthi militias’ RPGs and mortar shells, causing major destruction among civilians’ houses.

The militias continued today’s afternoon to bombard the positions of the national army with mortars and medium weapons in the east and north of Hodeidah city.

This escalation by the Houthi militias before the date of withdrawal from the ports of Hodeidah is a clear indication that they intended to undermine the agreement signed recently as they did with the Sweden agreement.

The Houthi rebels continued to breach the UN truce and cease fire in Hodeidah, and stepped up shelling army’s positions, in conjunction with the imminent withdrawal from the ports of Hodeidah, which’s scheduled to start on Monday.


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