Houthi militia commits 10473 HR violations in Marib province

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September Net

Houthi militia killed and injured 1494 civilians in Marib province from 2015 to Aug. 2018, Human Rights Office revealed.

Houthi militia’s landmines and rockets left 428 civilian dead including 117 children and 49 women, and permanently disabled 255 persons including 75 children and 36 women, the Office added.

The report, which discussed in seminar the Human Rights situations in Marib city in 2018, said the rebel militia enforcedly disappeared 69 persons, abducted 314 others and severely tortured 28 cases.

The report indicated that 432 houses were fully destroyed and 1109 partially by the Houthi militia in the same period, while 200 farms were damaged, 46 of which were completely damaged.

The putschist Houthi militia also destroyed, detonated and occupied 219 infrastructures in the city including schools and hospitals, according to the report.

Human Rights Office-Marib branch- explained that the militia caused the enforced displacement of 1112 families, while 5222 other families had to leave their houses to safe areas within the province territories


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