Local committee discusses humanitarian disaster from Houthi militia’s war on Kushar

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September Net

A local governmental committee in Hajjah has discussed the humanitarian disaster resulting from the Houthi militia’s war on Kushar, a district in Yemen’s northwestern  province of Hajjah.

In a meeting in the government-held district of Medi on Monday, the committee of local officials including the province’s governor Abdulkareem Assenayni reflected on the impact of the Houthi war crimes against unarmed civilians from Hajoor tribe over the past two months.

The rebel militia committed nearly 7060 human rights violations, said the governor. “They varied from killing to arrest, forced displacement, arson against people’s properties and raids and bombing of houses,” Assenayni said.

He added that the Houthi atrocities rendered 91 tribesmen killed, 370 others injured, 174 arrested, 60 unaccounted for and 5083 displaced .

“106 destroyed properties, including the total destruction of 28 houses and 49 partially.”

The militiamen looted 41 houses , occupied and stormed 179 others and looting everything that belonged to the tribesmen.

The Committee deplored the silence of the international community including humanitarian organizations towards all those atrocities the Houthis committed.


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