Struggling against Houthis Sacred battle for all Yemenis

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I strongly believe that every Yemeni must participate in the current battle against Immamist Houthi militias.

Participating in a long-running legal battle, sharing the same concerns and dreams, is at the same time a so much promising step into a nation without enslavement, a nation of freedom, justice and a good life.

The importance of participating in this sacred battle, can give a core motive towards progress and civilian life for everyone.

I will try to give below some logical reasons for the importance of that, according to which I think are most common viewpoints:

First, let us look at what everyone can typically gain from a successfully battle against Houthi terrorist militias. It is the elimination and gabbling forever its spreading roots in the Yemeni society soil.

Another one is that, people want to get more freedom and prosperous life.

It is believed that freedom and prosperous life always make nations able to get a better future for many generations to come.

Finally, I cannot overtake the fact that, unity of people against the despotic and terrorist rule means living in a nation without poverty and misery.

Last but not least, I wish to say that the purpose of participating in the current battle against Houthi militias, is to harvest the deserving life, and to being free, educated, healthy…. So it is obvious that everyone can find a reason for struggling in this sacred legal battle.


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