Griffiths’ plan to jump over peace pathways & admit the coup

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September Net- Report


What can the new Griffiths plan offer about the Hodeidah agreement and the situation in Taiz, under the Swedish agreement, which hampered by the Houthi militias?

After more than 100 days of Sweden’s deal, the United Nations through its envoys to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, continues to give the Houthi militia more opportunities to trick and gain more time to push hundreds of its fighters to the West Coast fronts.

The United Nations and all its officials in Yemen are aware that the Houthis cannot implement the terms of the Stockholm agreement, as they refuse to have any joint forces to monitor the implementation of the agreement and insist not to withdraw from Hodiedah and the prisoner exchange agreement either.

The militias every day commit crimes against civilians as a result of the continuous shelling of residential neighborhoods and villages in the western coast areas, as well as the targeting positions of the national army forces. The national army showed fully abide by the truce agreement and the cease fire.


In the ground of these obstacles imposed by the militias to reach a peaceful peace, there is no explanation except the Houthis’ attempts to prolong the war and prepare for a more criminal and bloody stage against the Yemenis with the support they receive from Iran and the United Nations.

Observers believe that the patience shown by the national army for the last 100 days against the violations of militias and crimes committed against civilians by targeting them with various types of missiles, will not last long.

The silence expressed by the army forces against the crimes of the militias is only a practical translation of the legitimate government and its keenness In preserving the opportunities for peace and exploiting them by offering many privileges to restore Yemen and its state from the hands of Iran in the region that seeks to tear it up and flood it.

According to observers of Yemeni issue, the United Nations must go beyond the state of confusion and not to move behind the deceits of Houthi, which is well aware of it, and begin to reveal the obstruction of all agreements that would bring peace and end the coup according to the recognized authorities.

Observers confirm that the United Nations should reconsider its dealings with the Yemeni file to develop effective and practical plans and urgently to evacuate civilians from areas controlled by Houthi militias in Hodeidah.

The UN, through its envoy Griffiths, is looming in a new round of consultations, suggesting an irrational and jumping-off of the suffering of the Yemenis in the wake of the coup and the war of the Houthi militias. The resulting disastrous situation which was warned by the international organizations and still one of the most warning of the aggravation.

They add that the mere mention of the United Nations to a new round of consultations without implementation of what was agreed upon in advance, is a flight to issues. It is also the debate on which related to the implementation of what was agreed in advance.

These agreements are the cornerstone in building a sustainable peace process is linked to building confidence in the first place. The militias deliberately escape from them dictated by the destructive project of Iran in the region.

Do the United Nations and some parties in the international community go behind these measures and jump on the sufferings of the Yemenis?

Do the United Nations divide the solution and go beyond the recognized agreements and references to the legitimization?

This is what the international organization needs to answer clearly … unless, Yemenis can determine the right choices and move to their desired future under their legitimate state.


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