FM, UN’s envoy discuss implementing obstructions Stockholm Agreement

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September Net

Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Yemany met on Wednesday with the UN’s envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths in Riyadh.

The meeting held to discuss the impediments that don’t help implementing Stockholm Agreement following more than three months of reaching the accord.

Al-Yemany has reiterated the Yemeni government’s insistence on the importance of implementing Stockholm Agreement, citing the significant concessions the government has already made in the hope of pushing peace building process.

The Foreign Minister has made clear that Iran-allied putschist Houthi militia’s intransigence and reluctance may give rise to the collapse of the agreement, consequentially undermining peace efforts and prospects to go to another round of consultations about political solution.

For his part, Mr Griffiths stated that the UN and International Community (IC) are very interested in implementing Stockholm Agreement in full. He also affirmed that he is going to make further efforts to achieve peace in Yemen.


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