Watchdog: Houthi militia commits grave abuses against abductees

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September Net

Sam Organization for Rights and Liberties has revealed that Houthi militia brutally torture abductees held inside the Political Security prison in Sana’a.

In a report, Sam said some of those abductees are put in solitary confinements.

The Geneva-based Organization said the Houthi militia prevents families from visiting their abductees inside the Political Security’s prison in Sana’a.

It affirmed that the abductees are subjected to maltreatment and being deprived from having healthy food, clean water and medicines, emphasizing that some of the detainees are inflicted of skin diseases due to crowd and deprival of water and cleaning.

The lawyer Abdul-Majeed Sabrah told Sam that the court’s judges did not respond to the complaints of the abductees. Therefore, the abductees directed appeals to the Yemeni people and all human rights activists to stand by them and save them from the Houthi brutality.

An abductee’s wife said she was prevented from visiting her husband by the prison administration but after she insisted they allowed her just a brief visit.

She said she found her husband chained for three weeks and his health was very deteriorated. She also reported seeing abductees are being dragged in an inhumane and humiliated way in front of their relatives.



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