Yemen Parliament.. Hope and Future

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September Net

The city of Sayoun in the eastern province of Hadramout is preparing to host the first session of the Yemeni Parliament next Saturday, after the legitimate government managed to achieve quorum of the number of its legitimate members.

This step follows great efforts exerted by the Yemeni legitimacy, with the support of the Arab coalition countries, and the success of the legitimacy in bringing the Council back into the control of the Republic and constitutional legitimacy.

After their coup of September in 2014 against the legitimate government, the Houthi rebels have seized control of all the country’s resources and tightened its grip on state institutions in the capital Sana’a. The legitimacy headed by President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi was able to restore the only legitimate source of the country represented in parliament.

During the four years of the Houthis’ coup and after their invasion of the Yemeni cities and governorates, the militia in Sana’a worked to eradicate all the tools of law and constitutional legitimacy that were ratified by the Yemeni population and were formulated and prepared with great efforts.

The militia replaced legal state institutions with its so-called Revolutionary Committees and the so-called political council, in an attempt to legitimize its coup against the government.

The Houthi militia failed to hold parliament sessions after imposing house arrests on its members and forced them to attend the sessions, but they did not succeed.

After failing to assemble the members of parliament, the Houthi coupists  create a new version called (complementary elections).

Since mid-2017, legitimate government has started planning to resume the parliament sessions and relocate its headquarters from Sana’a to the interim capital of Aden.

The legitimate government’s moves over the past few months to convene the parliament and the decision of transferring the Supreme Electoral Commission to the city of Aden have led the Houthi militia to move further in a failed attempt to hold illegal complementary elections.



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