India pardons Yemenis, their babies from residence’s fines

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September Net

India has agreed on pardoning Yemeni community fines imposed on not registering in police stations two weeks after ending the validity of residence, preconditioning that Yemeni consulate should send state notification on every case.

In a meeting between Yemen’s Consul Yahya Ghawber and Indian Deputy of Commissioner General of Mahrasthra State SoperiaBadov, situations of Yemeni community in India have been discussed.

India also agreed on pardoning babies of Yemeni parents from the same applied fines, preconditioning that Yemeni consulate should send a list includes names of the newborns.

In response, Yemen’s consulate in Mumbai called all Yemenis who have newborns to quickly send notifications on them for including them in a file for newborns and reporting to Indian authorities for granting them due pardon.


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