Three of 5 women kidnapped by Houthis released after ransom paid

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September Net

Three of the five women who were kidnapped by Houthi militia were released after a ransom of YR 200000 was paid by the relatives, AMA said.

Abductees’ Mothers Association ( AMA) said five women were abducted from a bus by Houthi militia in Hodeida and taken in an inhuman way to a house turned by the militia into a prison.

In a statement, AMA said the five abducted women are identified as  “Fatems Ahmed Sharebeh, 72, Jababra Hasan Awad, 30, Halima Qasim Hassan Hiba” 4,  Rahma Qasim Hassan Hiba” 5, and Faten Talal Hassan Hiba” 5 years.”

“The Houthi militia still keeping two the woman Fatim, 72, and Halima, 32, inside the prison, which has not ventilation and is very hot,” AMA continued.

AMA said the militia looted all the money in the pockets of the abducted women, who were also subjected to psychological torture.

It also noted the elder woman Fatim entered food strike inside the militia prison, causing her to suffer chronic illnesses and she needs urgent treatment.

The mothers sent an appeal to the UN special envoy to Yemen to pressure Houthi militia to release the two women, Fatems and Jabra, and to return them unconditionally to their families.


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