Eight terrorists killed in Saudi Arabia’s al-Qatif

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September Net

A security operation in the town of Tarut in the eastern Saudi province of al-Qatif has led to the deaths of eight extremists belonging to a recently-formed terrorist cell, according to a spokesman of the Kingdom’s Presidency of State Security.

According to the spokesman, members of the recently-formed cell were planning to carry out terrorist attacks against public and security sites in the region.

Investigations led authorities to determine the cell’s hideout location at an apartment in the Sanabis neighborhood in the town of Tarot of al-Qatif.

“Authorities then launched a pre-emptive security operation on Saturday under which the site was cordoned off at 10 am local time by security forces, who had ordered the terrorists to surrender. The terrorists did not respond to the orders and began firing at the security forces, who then returned fire to neutralize the risk and preserve the lives of others in the vicinity of the apartment,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying by the Saudi Press Agency.

The operation led to the deaths of all eight terrorists, while no building occupants, pedestrians or members of the security forces were harmed.


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