Houthi militia murders citizen in front of family in Ibb

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi militia has stormed a house, brutally killing a citizen in front of his own family in Ibb city, central the country.

Local residents told September Net that the rebel militia broke into a house owned by Abdu Kaed Al-Sha’uri, in Hazm al-Audin district, west of the province, killing the man in the presence of his family members.

The Houthi militia exploited a dispute between the victim and some relatives, and eliminated him, added the sources.

Before killing him, the militia elements tried many times to kidnapped Al-Sha’uri, according to the sources.

Houthi militia have increased its atrocious crimes against the innocent civilians in the province since the rebels’ coup against the legitimate government in September 2014.


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