2 civilians killed & 2 injured by militia’s shelling and sniping north of Al-Dhale

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September Net

A woman was killed and three others were injured when the Houthi militia shelled residential neighborhoods in Qataba district, north of Al-Dhale province.

According to local sources told September Net that, the militia targeted by mortars houses of citizens, in Al- Shakhb village, west of Qataba district.

One woman was killed and three others were injured, as well as destroyed three houses in the village.

Houthi militia continues to target the villages of the citizens west of Qataba district, following villages’ liberation by the national army.

An elderly civilian was killed today by Houthi militia snipers when he was transferred between Moris area north of the province.

According to local sources, the citizen Ali Saleh Alawi Al-Nawami (80 years), in Solan village, was killed while moving from Damt district to the area of ​​Moris.


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