UN’s deceptive activities.. Support militia warfronts

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September Net

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) announced that it has granted 20 vehicles to the Houthi militia Hodeidah as part of supporting Landmines Clearance Project.

This support comes at a time the Houthi militia has been deliberately trapping villages, roads and farms with minefields and explosives, especially in the western coast areas, which have claimed hundreds of civilians’ lives.

The United Nations has already given the Houthi militia more than 20 ambulances, all of which went to the warfront.

The total number of mines planted by the Iran-backed Houthi militia in different areas across the country is estimated at more than one million, in various forms and sizes.

The National Army and the Saudi Project ” MASAM” have removed more than 150,000 mines and explosive devices from various areas , and are continuing to remove landmines and explosive devices left behind by the militia.

Hundreds of innocent civilians, mostly women and children have been killed and wounded  by Houthi-laid mines.

The militia- planted landmines, which are classified as the most numerous since World War II, has turned from a military problem to a community problem that threatens the lives of thousands of civilians and impairs the normal exercise of their daily lives.

The United Nations know that all its support for the Houthi militia goes directly to the warfronts. It is not surprising that the vehicles provided to the militia are a tool for transporting mines and explosives to be planted in new areas.


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