Saudi Arabia will confront Houthi crimes with ‘unwavering resolve’, Deputy Defense Minister Says

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September Net

Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khalid bin Salman has pledged to confront the crimes committed by Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi militias with “unwavering resolve.”

“Their targeting of a civilian airport exposes to the world the recklessness of Iran’s escalation and the danger it poses to regional security and stability,” he said in a series of tweets.

“Appropriate measures will be taken to confront and deter these terrorist militias. We will stand against all those that aim to inflict harm on our security and interests, and we will continue to adhere to all international laws and norms to protect regional security and stability,” he said.

“The continuation of the Iranian regime’s aggression and reckless escalation, whether directly or through its militias will result in grave consequences,” he warned. “The international community must carry out its responsibility to avoid this outcome.”

“For 40 years, the Iranian regime has been spreading chaos, death and destruction, by sponsoring and financing terrorist organizations including the Houthis,” he added.


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