Griffiths’ misleading and fallacies

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September Net

The guarantees provided by the UN to the Yemeni government, about Griffiths’ commitment to act in accordance with UN resolutions, Yemeni law and the provisions of the Stockholm Agreement, constitute a clear recognition of the departure of the UN envoy from his duties as a mediator of peace.

Griffiths’ mediation comes in accordance with the three references: the Gulf Initiative, the outputs of the national dialogue and UN resolutions, foremost of which is resolution 2216 issued under Chapter VII.

UN’s Resolution 2216 is a confession that should have been exploited by the Yemeni government to justify Griffith’s apology, or to terminate his mission and replace him with another envoy because his performance alongside criminal militias constituted a crime against the people and fate of a nation.

Griffiths’ stand with the militia has resulted in the deaths of women, children, and sheikhs with Iranian militia shells, as well as his collaboration with the militia in the formulation of a comic re-enactment that misled international public opinion and the UN.

The UN’s guarantees to the Yemeni government constitute recognition of the organization’s crime against the Yemeni people and the gains made by the government can change the international public’s misguided opinion about Griffiths’ work.

Here comes the role of the Yemeni government and the coalition in taking pressure positions on the ground represented by the support of the national army and the activation of all fronts in order to upset the scales of the equation on the ground.

This means that the world recognizes only a strong reality on the ground and a victory for the cause of people who yearn for freedom, peace and stability.

The Arab states, especially Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, must realize that they will not enjoy peace as long as the militias have the quality weapons that are smuggled daily to the Houthis by Iran.


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