PM receives US Ambassador to Yemen

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September Net

Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik received on Thursday in the temporary capital Aden the American Ambassador to Yemen Christopher Henzel.

Security, basic services, economic and humanitarian situations in Aden and government-held regions was key focus of Ma’een’s discussions with Henzel.

Joint programs between the Yemeni government and International organizations including USAID were also discussed.

Dr Ma’een touched upon the warning of the Director of the WFP David Beasley that humanitarian aids to Yemen is likely to be suspended gradually and that is may commence by the end of this week because they haven’t been used for humanitarian purposes and humanitarian organizations can’t operate independently in the Houthi militia controlled areas.

Dr. Ma’een has made it clear that the only effective way to help Yemen is to support the Yemeni government and enabling it to do its job effectively. He stated that the government doesn’t want to suspend it rather would like ramp up pressure upon the militia to stop messing up with humanitarian aids and let humanitarian organizations operate independently and help the people in need.

The Prime Minister has reiterated the government’s call on the international organizations to relocate their headquarters in the temporary capital Aden.

The American Ambassador reiterated his administration’s support to the legitimate Yemeni government and UN’s efforts to make peace in Yemen in line with the three terms of reference to stop the ongoing war.


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