AMA calls on Security Council to sanction Houthi militia over torturing abductees to death

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September Net

Abductees’ Mothers Association (AMA) has demanded the International Security Council to impose sanctions against Houthi militia for keeping on the abduction  and torture of hundreds of citizens inside its prisons.

In a statement issued today during a protest before the OHCHR in the capital Sana’a on the occasion of the International Day to support victims of torture (26th June), the mothers denounced the silence towards the “kidnapping of a human and torturing them to death,” by Houthi militia.

“Hundreds of our abducted, detained and forcibly disappeared sons are subjected to the most brutal types of physical and psychological torture in the Houthi militia’s prisons. As result, more than 128  abductees have died under the torture,” the statement reads.

AMA added that abductees are subjected to systematic torture, which risks their physical and psychological well-being and lives, and that they are enforcedly disappeared for months under torture and held in solitary confinements, chained by hands and feet, beaten severely until they faint, hanged upside-down for long hours, and experience sexual violence.

The statement also mentioned some others inhumane and cruel  methods of torture against the abductees inside the Houthi militia jails including putting sharp tools inside the detainees’ bodies, depriving them of food, drink and medicine and from exposure to the sun for long months and the list goes on.

The mothers appealed to all human rights organizations to work for prosecuting those involve in kidnapping and torturing abductees and enforcedly disappeared persons in the prisons of the Houthi militia, and bring them to justice for punishment.


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