Houthi militia targets civilian areas in Hodeidah

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September Net

The Iranian-backed Houthi militia on Wednesday launched rocket attacks against Al-Tohaita district the southern province of Hodeidah.

According to local sources for September net, the Houthi militia fired two Katyusha rockets into Al-Jabalia area in Al-Tohaita south of the province.

The sources said one of the rockets landed on the people’s landfarms, while the second rocket hit public road.

The same sources indicated that the rocket shelling caused severe damages to the farms and property of the citizens.

Today, the coup militia bombed with mortars and machine guns, the residential villages in the same area.

In the north east of Hais district, the Houthi rebel militia targeted populated areas and domestic roads with machine gun.

According to the sources, the militia  shooting caused panic and terror among innocent population, mainly women and children.

The Iran-backed Houthi militia continues its violations against the truce in Hodeidah province. They have been bombing residential neighborhoods in the province indiscriminately, causing civilian casualties, including women and children, as well as damaging the homes and property of citizens.


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