Houthi snipers kill young man, injure child in Al-Dhale

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September Net

Houthi militia snipers have shot dead a young man and injured a child in Yemen’s southern province of Al-Dhale on Friday.

Local sources told September Net that the Iran-backed Houthi militia snipers stationed in hilltop site killed Baz Hizan Naji a 27 year old youth in Al-Kafla village, Qataba district, northern the province.

The militia sniper fired at the young man while he was working in his farm, killing him immediately on the spot, added the sources.

Meanwhile, a child was also wounded today when he was shot by a sniper of the Houthi rebel militia, another local sources said

They said a Houthi sniper shot at the 14-year-old child Ahmed Ghalib Al-Asahab and wounded him seriously in Gholladaima village, in Murais of Qataba, northern Al-Dhale.

The rebel militiamen have been sniping citizens and indiscriminately shelling densely populated neighborhoods and villages in liberated parts of Qataba district and have thus far killed and injured dozens of civilians.


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