14780 violations committed by Houthi militia in Al-Jawf

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September Net

Ministry of Human Rights Office in Al-Jawf province announced that it had documented 14780 violations committed by the Iran-backed Houthi militia against the citizens in the province.

In press conference held in the provincial capital Al-Hazm on Sunday to review the monitored and documented cases of victims of Houthi-laid mines in the province since the outbreak of the war until 2019, Human Right office said the violations included killing, injury, limbs amputation, displacements and destruction of property.

The office confirmed that it monitored the killing of 190 cases by the Houthi landmines and the injury of 385 cases including amputation, disabilities and defamation. It documented the displacement of 14000 cases who fled their origin areas due to landmines,  the destruction of more than 105 vehicles and public properties and the killing of over 100 of people’s cattle by the explosion of landmines.

Director of the Human Rights Office in Al-Jawf Abdu al-Hadi al-Assar said during the press release “the Houthi coupist militia has planted thousands of landmines across the province. As result hundreds of citizens have been killed and injured many of them sustained disabilities, amputation and defamation.”

He pointed out “During the monitoring and documentation process which conducted by the teams of Human Rights Office, it was verified that the Houthi militia planted thousands of mines in the districts of Khab al-Sha’af, Burat Alanan, al-Hazm, al-Ghail, al-Masloup and al-Mooton.

Al-Jawf province is still largely affected by landmines, after some 15,000 anti-vehicle mines, individuals and improvised explosive devices have been removed and destroyed by the engineering teams of the National Mine Action Program and the Saudi project for demining” MASAM”. Thousands of mines still remain buried underground in different areas of the province, according to al-Assar.

He expressed thanks to the brothers in Saudi Arabia for their humanitarian interventions in this field, which contributed to alleviating the suffering of civilians from the danger of Houthi-laid mines.

The press conference concluded with a closing statement calling on all concerned international and local organizations to intervene quickly to save the people of Al-Jawf from this humanitarian disaster.

The statement issued an urgent appeal to the United Nations and its envoy to Yemen to visit Al-Jawf governorate and to learn about the grave violations of human rights in the province by Houthi terrorist militia.

The statement concluded by sending multiple letters to the legitimate government, the UN Development Program (UNDP) and UNICEF to assume their responsibilities towards mines’ victims in Al-Jawf through establishing an integrated demining center, training local engineering teams for demining and meet the needed equipment.


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