SAM condemns death sentence issued by Houthis-controlled court against 30 detainees in Sana’a

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September Net

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties condemned the death sentence the Houthis issued against 30 detainees they had been detaining for years, describing the ruling issued by the Houthis court is legally null and void because it was issued by a court that lacks jurisdiction according to the decision made by the Supreme Judicial Council, and noting that the trial lacks fair trial principle.

In a statement, SAM asserted that it had documented serious violations during the alleged trial sessions, including violation to basic judicial rules guaranteeing the integrity of the trial, the right of the defendants to defend themselves, threat and detention of their lawyers during the court sessions and the refusal to register their applications.

SAM emphasizes that the sentences issued by the courts of the Houthis militia are worthless and that they constitute as crimes committed by the official profiteers of judges, members, prosecutors, and other perpetrators.

Over the past months, Houthi militia has doubled the torture on the detainees, denied them the weekly visits in the Political Security Prison, and caused tragic circumstances for the detainees, as described by SAM in detail in previous statements.

SAM confirms that, this court is unconstitutional and that its rules are both null and void, and also stresses that this court is currently used as a cruel tool by the Houthi militia to extort and harass its opponents and to justify some of its crimes and give them legal status as a judicial body.

SAM stresses that such verdicts reveal once again that the Houthi militia is not serious in implementing Stockholm accord, on the release of all prisoners and detainees, as these rules decrease confidence between the parties to the negotiations.

SAM also reiterates its call on the international community and the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy to urgently push Houthis militia to release all detainees unconditionally and to stop all trials.


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