Houthis exploit Summer centers to brainwash children, send them to battlefield

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September Net / Hamada Almekhlafi

The Iran-backed Houthi militia is using the summer centers in their-held areas to brainwash youths and children through subjecting them radicalization and sectarian course aimed at recruiting children as soldiers and sending them to battlefields.

After they closed the schools and destroyed the education system, the Houthi militiamen launched last week summer centers in order to attract in new fighters with their own sectarian faith. The militia roamed the streets calling on residents to send their children to summer camps.

A teacher in Dhamar Province told September Net that the Houthi militia uses “Death centers” to recruit thousands of Yemeni children and send them to the warfronts.

Sources said that the Houthis forcibly impose their curriculum that promote sectarianism and extremism to be taught at the summer centers.

The Houthi curriculum include handouts of the militia Hussein al-Houthi and they promotes sectarian ideas alien to the Yemeni society.

Minister of Information Muamer al-Iryani said that the so-called pupils summer centers are nothing but closed terrorist military camps supervised by Iranian experts and trainers, they recruit children and promote extremist sectarian religious attitudes among the young generation.

Al-Iryani warned that the Houthi militia will exploit summer camps in its controlled areas to recruit children into its ranks and instill ultra-conservative and sectarian religious doctrine.

The Minister warned of the serious consequences of child recruitment and promoting extremist and sectarian religious doctrine in Yemen.

“This is will have divisive and destructive impacts upon national unity social fabric of the Yemeni society” He said.

Yemen’s deputy Prime Minister said that the militia is currently conducting summer training courses to entrench theocratic sectarian beliefs into the minds of children.

Addressing an event to celebrate the World Day against Child Labor, Salem Al-Khanbashi said “the terrorist Houthi militia deploys thousands of children to warfronts as documented by the ICRC and other humanitarian organizations.”

The international community, United Nations, human rights organizations are silent about the Houthis’ crimes against children in Yemen.

Houthis are killing Yemeni children either by snipers, missiles or mines. Finally, the militia brainwashes the children by intimidating them and their families to join their sectarian summer centers that leave children full of hatred.


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