Info. Minister slams Houthi mandatory teaching on high school leavers as ‘dangerous step’

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September Net

Yemen’s Information Minister has slammed a Houthi decision enforcing mandatory teaching service on high school leavers in the militant-controlled territories as ‘dangerous.’

Speaking to Saba, Muammar Al-Eryani said the decision “is a dangerous step in the plot to tear down education: Laying off incumbent teachers and replacing them with unqualified ones to produce a generation of illiterate and credulous students who can be easily manipulated.”

He said that students in Houthi territories are currently being subject to the biggest process of brainwashing and radicalization while the international community continues its silence towards these practices.

He called on the UN and its Special Envoy in Yemen to pressure the militia to spare schools the political conflict. He said the practices show the Houthi lack of serious intent for peace.


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