Houthi militia shells residential neighborhoods in Hodeidah

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia intensifies its indiscriminate shelling on residential neighborhoods in Hodeidah province, western Yemen.

Local sources told September Net that the Houthi rebel militia shelled civilians’ houses in Hais district southern Hodeidah.

“Dozens of mortar shells fired by Houthi rebel militia indiscriminately on residential areas of Hodeidah,” added the sources.

The militia’s shelling caused a state of fear and panic among citizens, mostly women and children, according to the sources.

Other local sources told September Net that the Houthi militia renewed shelling Al Thabit industrial and commercial complex  in Hodeidah city.

The Houthi militia targeted the dairy plant with a number of B-10 shells, leaving serious damages in the sectors and production lines of the plant.


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