Houthi militia prevents child vaccination campaigns in its held areas

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia have launched counter and arbitrary actions against child vaccination campaigns organized by international organizations in areas under its control.

Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper quoted medical sources as saying that the rebel militia prevented the continuation of a vaccination campaign against diphtheria which was on its fourth day, in the capital Sana’a, last week.

The sources said the militia also banned vaccination campaigns in Sana’a, under the pretext that it has negative and dangerous consequences on the health of children.

The sources said that a number of vaccinating centers in the capital Sana’a were also closed while vaccinator workers were intimidated by the Houthi militants.

As ordered by the Houthi militia, scores of Sana’a public schools had closed its doors before the vaccination teams and did not allow them to vaccinate the students. Therefore, health workers vaccinated only children in the streets, the same sources explained.

Last Saturday, the campaigners had to go themselves to several houses across Sana’a asking families to visit centers where they can get kids immunized against the epidemic of diphtheria.


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