No way to lassitude in struggle against enemies of people, says President Hadi

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September Net / Saba

President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi said there is no way to lassitude in the national struggle “against the enemies of the people.”

In a televised address on the eve of the 56th anniversary of the 14th October Revolution, Hadi said, “The people will not tolerate the agendas that aim at undermining the state to replace it with dynastical reigns or fiefdoms beholden to Tehrans mullas”, referring to Houthi rebels in the north and separatist rebels in the south.

“The Yemeni people will sacrifice the cheap and the expensive to wipe out all forms of coup and rebellion,” he said.

“We, backed the people, have endured the responsibility of the Houthi coup … that sought to restore the racist theocratic rule and we are resolved to go on to end it.”

“You have also been aware of the regrettable events in the temporary capital Aden; the rebellion that erupted to target the state and the people.

It is a rejected people and I call on the misled rebels to quit this bloody approach which has been spawns hatred and jeopardizes the lives of people,” said Hadi. “Our people already have too much owing to the Houthi coup.

He appreciated the Saudi role to address this unrest and help integrate the different paramilitary and security units and getting then to answer to the Defense and Interior ministries.

He vowed that his government would not allow any military groups to operate outside the state’s authority.


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