Blowing up homes.. Houthis’ old criminal heritage of the Zaidi Imamate in Yemen

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia in Yemen was distinctive from the rest of the extremist organizations, in its savage, inhumanity and dirty habit i.e., blowing up the homes of political opponents.

Studies indicate that the Houthi miltia derived this ugly tradition from the old criminal heritage of the Zaidi Imamate in Yemen which was full of the crimes of destroying the homes of opponents, to the extent that it is difficult for the researcher to count the homes and towns and villages destroyed completely or partially by Imams.

The sources said that Imam Al-Mahdi Ali Bin Mohammed, invaded Haraz district and destroyed its villages, and ruined Sana’a and Sultaniyah House.

It is said that Imam Al-Motawakkel Ismail Ibn Al-Qasem, invaded Sofyan land; killed the people and ruined their homes.

It is also said that Imam Ahmad Bin Al-Hussein Bin Qasem invaded the village of Yanaah and destroyed most of the homes, and then moved to Sa’ada and destroyed it and suppress his opponents in Bani Malek and destroyed their houses.

A study mentions that the ancestors of Houthis used to destroy villages, cities including the homes of orphans and widows, cut fruitful trees and ruin the wells and dams, and loot peoples’ money.

The Houthi militia repeated the same behaviors of their forebears (political and sectarian violence) with opponents. It has become a deep-rooted culture in their hearts and part of creed that runs in the blood of this family, in spite of the significant developments witnessed by humanity, particularly in the fields of thought, culture and human rights, fundamental freedoms and democracy.

But Houthis insist on returning to the tyranny of the Dark Ages. Since the advance of the Houthi rebel militants from Sa’ada until their arrival to Aden, they exercised the most heinous crimes ever, blowing up the homes of their opponents.

This behavior indicates the Houthis’ desire to humiliate their enemies, as well as to terrify those who will resist them. It is also a message to others that they will pay the price if they think likewise.

The explosion of the homes is a kind of punishment to Houthis’ opponents.According to a report by the Ministry of Human Rights, Houthi militias have blown up 900 homes across Yemen’s governorates since they overthrew the government in 2014.


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