Kuwait emphasizes Yemen’s Three Terms of Reference for any political settlement

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Kuwait has emphasized the imperative of the three terms of reference for any political settlement to the conflict between the government and the Houthi coupist militia.

Kuwait Representative to the United Nations Mansour A. Al-Otaibi made the remarks as he addressed a UN Security Council session on the situation in Yemen was referring to the GCC Initiative, the outcomes of the Yemeni National Dialogue Conference and the UNSC resolutions on Yemen, particularly resolution no. 2216 (2015).

He hailed the Riyadh Agreement by the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council on November 5 and the Saudi mediation efforts behind the creation of the deal.

“The deal signals the commitment of Saudi Arabia and the partners in the Coalition to restore legitimacy in Yemen to stabilize the country,” he said. Under this deal, the Yemeni government was able to resume its operations in Aden, the interim capital city of the country.

He regretted the failure of the United Nations experts to carry out maintenance works on a floating oil tanker in the Red Sea, which threatens a spill and a huge environmental disaster.
He expressed his concern of Houthi violations of the ceasefire in Hodeidah, demanding all parties to allow humanitarian agencies to carry out their work without restrictions.


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