Al-Aqili reveals expansion of mine fields laid by Houthi militia

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September Net

The National Mine Action Center (NMAC) unearthed expansion of mine fields laid by Houthi rebel militia in cities, villages, roads, public establishments, water resources, pasture fields and agricultural lands in a number of provinces.

The Director of NMAC General Amin al-Aqili made it clear in Yemen’s speech he delivered in the Fourth Review Conference of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Accord held in Oslo that the Saudi Project for Demining in Yemen- in partnership with the center- has been able to demine and destroy in the period between June 2018 and October 2019 1,642 anti-person mines, 43,576 anti-tanks mines, 4,040 explosive devices and 56, 722 war wastes and unexploded ammunitions.

In the period between January-October 2019, UNDP’s teams for clearing mines have demined 532 anti-person mines, 9,081 anti-machine mines, 11 sea mines and 25,842 war wastes and unexploded ammunitions, he said.

He pointed out that Yemen has applied for extension of the Yemeni anti-mine center for other three years for defining the problem’s size on the basis of the fifth Article of anti-person mine treaty.

Al-Aqili reviewed challenges facing the government of Yemen led by Iran-backed Houthi coup against the state and the war they triggered, which resulted in planting mines and expanding mine fields.


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